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Kukke Temple

Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is located in the village of Subramanya in the Sullia taluk of Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka.  The temple is built on the bank of river Dhara.

As per legends, Taraka a powerful demon threatened to conquer the world. Fearing to his powers all the gods went to Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva created Kumaraswamy/Karttikeya to combat the demon. Kumaraswamy had battle with demon Taraka, Shoorpadmasura & his followers and killed them all. After the battle, Lord Kumaraswamy came to the top of Kumaraparvatha along with his brothers Lord Ganesha, Veerabahu. It is believed as, he washed his Shakthi Ayudha (battle-axe) in the Dhara River and hence the river is known as Kumaradhara from then onwards. When lord came to Kumaraparvatha, he was received by Lord Indra along with other Gods. Pleased by the success of the war, Indra requested the Lord to marry his daughter Devasena. Lord agreed to Indra’s request and got married to Devasen on the banks of Kumaradhara on Shashti of Margasira Masa (Margasira Masa is the ninth month in a traditional Hindu calendar).

Vasuki the serpent king was performing penance for many years in the Biladwara caves of Kukke Subramanya to avoid attack from Garuda. Vasuki prayed Lord Shanmuka to give a boon of permanently staying with him in this place and the lord blessed Vasuki with the boon. From that time it a believed that the Lord has made his spiritual presence in this shrine along with Vasuki. Hence Vasuki (king of serpents) is worshiped here along Lord Subramanya

Every year a famous car festival is being held here along with special pooja to the lord on Shashti of Margasira Masa also known as ‘Champa Shashti’.


The main deity in the temple is placed in 3 dais, in the upper dais there is the idol of Shree Lord Subrahmanya and then the idol of Vasuki and in the lower dais is the idol of Shesha. The main entrance to the temple lies to the east. The devotees will have to enter courtyard from behind and go before the idol. The sanctuary of Sri Subrahmanya Swamy lies opposite to the main entrance facing Kumara parvatha.

Two important Poojas performed in the temple are Ashlesha Bali Pooja & Sarpa Samskara. Ashlesha Bali Puja is one of the important Kaalasarpa dosha puja performed in the temple it is performed on Aslesha nakshatra every month. Another important pooja is Sarpa Samskara it is performed to get rid of the sarpa dosha (serpent curse) according to belief, a person, either in this birth or in any of his previous births, could be afflicted by the serpent either knowingly or unknowingly. Persons who are afflicted are advised to perform this pooja for their own wellbeing.


Other sacred places in Subramanya are Adi Subrahmanya, Kukke Linga, Samputa NarasimhaDevaru, Kala Bairava Devaru, Umamaheshwara devaru, Hosoligamma, Sri Subrahmanya Mutt, Sringeri Mutt, Kashikatte Ganapathi and Darpana Theertha.

Subramanya is about 325 kilometers from Bangalore (via National Highway NH-48). There is frequent bus facility and direct train facility from Bangalore. Mangalore Airport is the nearest airport which is around 100 kilometers and Dharmasthala is around 50 kilometers away.

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